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An enlisted military member standing in front of an American flag holding a Bible, journal, and M.Div. textbooks.

Military Chaplaincy

Regent University is privileged and honored to equip candidates for military chaplaincy in our 72-credit Master of Divinity in Theology & Ministry (M.Div.) degree. Regent’s School of Divinity is fully accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS).

Dr. Mark Jumper, Assistant Professor of Theological and Ministerial Studies, is a retired Navy chaplain and former Endorser for Chaplains who will gladly advise you and guide you in your chaplain preparation. His Chaplain Ministry course will be offered in the fall of 2015 and will cover all eight recognized forms of chaplain ministry: Corporate, Military, Health Care, Public Safety, Institutional, Sports, Educational, and Disaster Relief.

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Navy Chaplain Candidate Program
Army Chaplain Candidate Program
Army National Guard Chaplain Candidate Program
Air Force Chaplain Candidate Program
Air National Guard Chaplain Candidate Program
Air Force Reserve Chaplain Program

Chaplain Darren Turner ’06 (Divinity) entered active duty into the U.S. Army 2007 as an infantry battalion chaplain. His battalion deployed to Iraq in the initial “surge” of forces into Baghdad, where during a 15-month tour they lost 15 men and suffered 99 wounded. His tour in Iraq was chronicled in the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s series, “Chaplain Turner’s War.” Turner’s challenges during deployment and in his redeployment home were recently the subject of a CBN 700 Club feature. Turner is now assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, N.C.Watch Darren’s Veteran’s Prayer Breakfast Speech »

Latest News

By Brett Wilson Tubbs

March 7, 2016

Rear Admiral Margaret Kibben was in the 8th grade when she was called into ministry.

“I’m a Presbyterian, so it wasn’t anything dramatic,” Kibben said at the Military Chaplaincy Information Session hosted by Regent University’s Office of Military & Veterans Affairs on Thursday, March 3.

But what her story lacks in drama, it makes up for in humor, passion and a willingness to serve. And from the moment she received her calling – influenced by her youth minister and her father’s former experience in the military – she had her ministerial mission statement set.

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August 31, 2015

The Air Force Reserve has a great opportunity for anybody who wants to learn about serving a higher calling while serving their country at the same time – being a Chaplain in the greatest Air Force in the world.

The linked article has great information on how students learn about the Air Force Chaplaincy program. The article includes information, such as what education is needed, what the training is like and how you can help the Airmen that serve beside you.

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By Brennan Smith

March 30, 2015

Research shows that military chaplains are essential to the well-being of those serving in the armed forces. Research is also revealing though that the occupation has moved from being one of the healthiest to one of the unhealthiest.

“The workload is tremendous,” said Dr. Gary Roberts, Robertson School of Government (RSG) professor. “Some of them have 1,500 officers, men and their families, to whom they’re providing service. You see in any care-giving occupation, when you have such a large flock, it just creates role conflict, because you really just can’t invest the time that you would like, and it exacerbates your own self-care problems and issues.”

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