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Robertson Hall, which houses the law school of Regent University Virginia Beach.
J. Lyle Story, Ph.D.

J. Lyle Story, Ph.D.


Dr. J. Lyle Story joined the School of Divinity in 1984 after a teaching and pastoral role at Melodyland School of Theology, during the time of the Jesus-Movement in Southern California, and while working as a pastor in Orange, California. He is currently a professor of New Testament and Biblical Languages, and has served in various administrative capacities, including interim dean and associate dean, in the School of Divinity. He teaches various biblical courses, involving hermeneutics, and biblical languages, with the goal of helping students to translate and interpret the timeless message(s) of the New Testament.

Story is an ordained minister with Harvest Network International and has been fully engaged with the Renewal Movement since his time in seminary when he began to explore the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. He grew up on the mission-field in Beirut, Lebanon, and has traveled extensively around the globe in various teaching experiences. He resides in Suffolk, Virginia, with his wife. Although he is engaged in research and writing, his primary passion is that of creative teaching with the perspective that teaching is an outgrowth of proper relationships with adult learners.


Biblical Languages and Exegesis
Christian Affections
Workplace Spirituality and Well-Being
Servant-Leadership in the Gospels
Inductive Bible Study


B.S. in Elementary School Education (Sterling College, Wheaton College 1969); M.Div. (Fuller Theological Seminary 1974); Ph. D. in Biblical Studies (Fuller Theological Seminary 1984) Dr. Ralph Martin and Dr. David Hubbard



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Harvest Network International; Society for Pentecostal Studies; Society of Biblical Literature; American Academy of Religion.


Award from Regent University for Excellence in Teaching, 2010; Chancellor's Award for Regent University Professor of the Year, 1995; School of Divinity Faculty of the Year (7 times)