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Elijah K. Agyapong, Ph.D.
MPA Program CoordinatorAssociate Professor757.352.4694More about Elijah K. Agyapong, Ph.D.

Elijah K. Agyapong, Ph.D.


Dr. Elijah Agyapong joined the Robertson School of Government in 2016. He teaches the foundational courses in the Master of Public Administration (MPA) program on campus in Virginia Beach and online. His research interests focus on the relationship between bureaucracy and democracy, public administration and policy implementation, bureaucratic responsiveness, administrative ethics, representative bureaucracy, and street-level bureaucracy.

Agyapong’s recent work examines the mechanisms by which policy implementation could be made more responsive to women and minorities in Africa. He is also working on other projects on administrative ethics, representative bureaucracy, bureaucratic discretion, and theories of bureaucratic responsiveness in Africa.

Agyapong received his B.A. in Political Science from the University of Ghana, MPA from the University of Akron and Ph.D. from the University of Missouri. He is an active member of the American Society for Public Administration (national) and the Hampton Roads chapter. He also serves as the faculty advisor for the Regent University Student Chapter of the International City-County Management Association.


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