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Denise Friedman, Ph.D.
Associate ProfessorPsychology Department757.352.4476More about Denise Friedman, Ph.D.

Denise Friedman, Ph.D.


Dr. Denise Friedman plays a unique role in the School of Psychology & Counseling as the only non-clinician in the Psy.D. program. In her role, she teaches research and science courses and helps support research efforts conducted by faculty and students.

Friedman received her Ph.D. in Biological & Developmental Psychology and M.S. in Psychological Sciences from Virginia Tech, where she studied under Dr. Martha Ann Bell. She received her B.S. in Psychology, with a clinical emphasis, from Averett University.

Having served in numerous roles in the academic and nonprofit sectors, Friedman shares that teaching and conducting research with students is her true passion. Her research interests include the impact of technology on emerging adulthood and in education, interventions to improve school readiness, and factors influencing wellbeing and work-life balance.

Friedman currently resides in Chesapeake with her husband, son and pets. Her home is loud and full of love. In her downtime, she loves reading, visiting family and friends, playing board games, and hanging out at the beach.